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STEAM Lab activities focus on sparking curiosity within children, aiming to stimulate the Little Scientists that they are, to explore and build their Future Lab. All students will be given a card before they start their journey through the STEAM program track. Each time they successfully finish their activity, they will receive a stamp on their card, which should be full by the end of their STEAM day.
As Albert Einstein once said: ‘Everyone is a genius’; through each day’s educational journey, each student takes a step closer towards unleashing the potential of their own individual genius!

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm  |  8:30 am - 2:00 pm
Age: From 6 to 14 years old
Primary School | K5-Primary After school | Saturday School

*After School Extended Hours: ¥1400 (Please give prior notice, upon reservation)







Science lab



'Little Ms.Curious’, Marie Curie, described herself to be 'less curious about people and more curious about ideas.’ Therefore, we aim to engage the scientific side of our students through experimental testing of their ideas.

In our lab, we will be concocting our own chemicals and exploring different elements so we can unravel the secrets and wonders of life! We will be drawing new conclusions through experiments, to unleash the scientist within each student and help them ’become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge’ as Mr.Universe’, Stephen Hawking did.

technology LAB


Students are filled with excitement, and charged up like batteries when they enter the tech lab! Here we take a deep dive into understanding our developing modern world, full of interesting new technologies. We will investigate everything that arouses curiosity, and as Alan Turing, ‘Mr. AI’, proposed, we will consider the question: ’can machines work?’

The students will take part in making their own little, futuristic robots. Who knows, they could be the next great inventors of technology like the phones in our hands, or the planes we fly in! Just as ’Ms. Astronaut’, Margaret Hamilton said: ’learning is by being and doing.’

Technology Lab
Engineering lab

Engineering LAB


In order to become an engineer, you have to create something; so now, we’ll  enter a higher level of exploration. Here, the students’ minds will be encouraged to create and invent, making them little engineers. As ‘Mr. Electricity’ Nikola Tesla said, ‘invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain.’ The students will have the capability to create anything they wish, from woodwork to machinery, as long as they create an invention that is uniquely their own!


Throughout this lab and the creating of their own inventions, the students are reminded that, as ‘Ms. Architect’ Zaha Hadid said: ‘there are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?’ Whether it be made of LEGO, wood or otherwise; we want the students’ minds to work to make a piece that they will be proud of, and could even be used internationally one day!

Art lab

art LAB


Coloring outside the line is fine art, but as ‘Mr. Messy’ Wassily Kandinsky said, ‘everything starts from a dot’. Life is a canvas, so let’s decorate it! Fill it in with as many colors and materials as you can find. This is another way for the students to express themselves without using language or words.


Through the addition of Art in the STEAM Lab, students get to explore a variety of mediums and styles to create a mesmerizing piece of artwork. In this part of the lab, we will use various methods to create a piece of artwork showing how the students may express themselves, without even having to use the English language, but rather the language of art. Like ‘Mr. Abstract’ Pablo Picasso said, ‘every child is an artist’; we just have to encourage that artist to come alive!

Math lab
M1 (1).png

mathematics LAB


Math is encountered in almost every facet of daily life and we have to use it almost everywhere we go. The amazing thing is, math is the same in every language worldwide! So, let’s put our minds together, and explore the world using logic with hands-on experiences that will help connect all the other areas of STEAM education! We will connect to math by modeling geometrical shapes, and calculating materials needed for experimenting. We will also calculate equations while learning how to use logic like the smart mathematicians we are.

Like the infamous mathematician and logician Leonhard Euler said, ‘logic is the foundation of the certainty of all the knowledge we acquire.’ Finally, we will always remember to use our newfound mathematical skills with confidence, remembering as the great Persian mathematician and founder of algorithms Al-Khwarizmi said, ‘one must not be afraid of new ideas, no matter the source.’

english LAB

Let's begin our journey into the STEAM LAB world by opening the doors to the ENGLISH Lab. In order to deepen their knowledge and understanding of each subject in STEAM LAB, this will be the first stop for each child.


Worksheets are chosen individually for each child’s level, and a vocabulary focus on each lab’s ‘topic of the day’ will prepare students for the next step of their STEAM Lab journey.

Eng lab
School Plan
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